What do we do?

We run fun and interesting events on specific topics. Real, achievable, practical advice for you.

Why do we do it?

Because we’ve all been there. Ever stood on the precipice and looked in or gone in?

Ever wondered how you manage your mental To Do list (or at least tell it to be quiet so you can have a cup of tea and 2 minutes to yourself)?

Ever just wanted to put your hand up and say, ‘This blows – I need help.’?

How can we help you?

– Events and workshops that give you practical advice.

– Be part of a community that knows what it’s really like.

– Feel comfortable about putting your hand up and ask for help.

– Just have a good laugh with a bunch of supportive mums.

“SO many fantastic ideas.” – Nadine at the Christmas Workshop

“Gave me ideas and inspiration. And a kick up the arse!” Kate at the Mumpreneurs Lunch.