Masterclass Mentors

The Working Mums Masterclass Mentor program gives you affordable access to working mums who are experts in their field.

If you are struggling with a certain area of your life – stress, home organisation, health, nutrition, anxiety – whatever it may be, our mentors can help. Check out the mentor list below and book online through our website for a one-on-one mentoring session.

What Happens

  1. Choose your mentor
  2. Book online
  3. Schedule in a session time: Skype or landline
  4. Grab a cuppa and ask your mentor for help

What you get

  1. 45 minutes of an expert’s time
  2. Affordable guidance, advise and experience
  3. 3 Point Action Plan for you to follow
  4. Someone to listen who has been where you are

You don’t have to leave the house. You don’t have to sit in a group environment where you might not feel comfortable sharing the challenges you have. It’s you. And your mentor. Wherever you, or they, may be.

We leave no mum behind.

Bianca Wakelin

Goals Mentor

Bianca (Bee) Wakelin from Goals 2B Reached

Bee: married, mother, mate, motivator and proud founder and owner of Goals 2B Reached, where she guides all walks of Mums to create, motivate & action plan their goals. Bee allows Mums to avoid and overcome ‘goal overwhelm’… there’s nothing worse than a mummy meltdown!

Bee works with all areas of goals in a Mum’s busy life such as Me Goals, Relationship Goals & Wealth/Work Goals. It doesn’t matter what type of goal you have – personal or professional – Bee can help!

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Sarah Wayland

Mental Health Mentor

Sarah Wayland from

Sarah Wayland is a Counsellor and writer who specialises in helping women and children find ways to live a calmer, more balanced life. Her blog That Space in Between looks at life, work, parenting and all the spaces we sometimes find ourselves in as we navigate our busy lives.

Mentoring sessions with Sarah will help you understand the triggers that complicate life, find ways to nourish the career woman and mum inside you and most importantly look after yourself first in order to help all those little (and big) people that compete for our time.

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Maree Prestwidge

Health and Fitness Mentor

Maree Prestwidge from Health Me

Maree Prestwidge is a mum of 3, a Personal Trainer, a Food coach and the Business Owner of Health Me. She specialises in family and lifestyle health, nutrition and fitness.

Mentoring sessions with Maree will help provide realistic health and fitness solutions to working mums who want to reinvent themselves to become Healthier Sexier Women and still meet the needs of their family and careers! She can show you how to get your sexy back through food and fitness.

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Angela Counsel

Health and Nutrition Mentor

Angela Counsel from The Ambaa Tree

Angela is a a Mum to 2, a qualified Naturopath, and the director behind The Ambaa Tree.

Mentoring sessions with Angela will provide you with support, tools and information so that you and your family can achieve their maximum health potential.

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Marissa Roberts

Home Organisation Mentor

Marissa Roberts from Beautifully Organised

Marissa is an author, business owner and the mother to two beautiful girls. Her book ‘5 Steps to an Easy Morning’ has helped mothers all over the world tackle the busiest part of the day. Living an easy, organised life doesn’t always come naturally – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help.

Mentoring sessions with Marissa will provide you with usable tools, tricks and tips to help you keep your home organised and de-cluttered. If you want less stress and more productivity in your life, purchase a session with Marissa today!

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Kristy Goodwin

Education and Tech Mentor

Kristy Goodwin from Every Chance to Learn

Kristy is an expert in young children’s learning and development in a digital age.

Mentoring sessions with Kristy will provide working mums with research-based information and practical tips about the simple ways they can support their young child’s learning and development at home and how digital technologies can support this process.

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Leonie Smith

Cyber Safety and SM Mentor

Leonie Smith from Cyber Safety Lady

Leonie is “The Cyber Safety Lady” — a Cyber Safety Expert Speaker and Presenter based in Sydney.

A mentoring session with Leonie will keep your computers are safe from online nasties, provide you with ideas and tips to prevent cyber bullying and give you strategies on how to keep your family safe online.

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Georgia Bamber

Green Living Mentor

Georgia Bamber from Green B

Georgia is the person behind The Green B — a website dedicated to increasing awareness of issues to do with our environment through Think, Do and Act prompts.

A mentoring session with Georgia will provide you with information, tips and tools on how to reduce wastage, decrease plastic use, recycling. Everything you need to ‘green’ your family’s life for the long term (and help the environment at the same time!)

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Jo Turner

Meal Planning Mentor

Jo Turner from Mealtimes without Mayhem

Jo Turner is an author, mumpreneur and innovator! You may have seen her on the Today Show discussing her book Mealtimes without Mayhem.

A mentoring session with Jo will provide you with the right advice, support and tools to help you make meal planning and meal times an enjoyable event. Really!

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Gemma Klamer

House and Home Mentor

Gemma Klamer from Urban Style Hunters

Gemma is a stay at home mum to 3 children and chief writer at My Big Nutshell.

During mentoring sessions she will guide you to find your own interior style and unlock your hidden creativity… all on a budget! All it takes is good planning, patience and possibly a glass of prosecco!

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Michelle Scott and Jo Cotter

Beauty Mentors

Michelle Scott and Jo Cotter from Camp Beauty

Michelle and Jo have a combined experience of 35 years as Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artists, specialising in TV, photographic and advertising work. They have now joined forces as Camp Beauty to share their tricks of the trade with busy women that all deserve at least 5 minutes a day of beauty.

Mentoring sessions with the Camp Beauty girls will inspire busy working mums that they can look gorgeous every day and still have time to attend to family and career demands.

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Cassandra Michelin

Organic Living Mentor

Cassandra Michelin from Choose Life. Live it. Do it.

Cassandra is founder of the Choose Life. Live it. Do it. online store which sells toxic free and organic products for parents wanting to provide a toxic free environment for their homes and families. Cass is trained as a Health, PE and Dance teacher and is a holistic lifestyle coach.

Mentoring sessions with Cass will provide solutions on how you can swap the bad for the good and improve the long term health of your family.

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Penny Webb

Time Management Mentor

Penny Webb from Working Mum’s Masterclass

Penny is a qualified event manager, trainer and lecturer. And if Diplomas were given out for Mums who can extract Lego pieces from toddler nasal cavities while simultaneously talking to a client on the phone, she would have that qualification too.

Mentoring sessions with Penny will help you improve your work and life balance (that old chestnut!) by working on strategies that improve your overall time management skills.

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